5th Generation Cochlear Implant Systems

Today, Cochlear is committed to offering cochlear implant candidates the best possible technology because it believes it is important that its patients have excellent results, feel at ease in any acoustic situation. The company offers a new system that can be easily used and managed; system that will provide the best surgical results and fast set-up.

The Cochlear Nucleus 5 System sets a new benchmark in quality. It is based on advanced cochlear implant manufacturing technologies and consists of four key innovative components: the Nucleus CI512 cochlear implant, the Nucleus CP810 sound processor, the Nucleus CR110 remote control device, and the custom Sound™ Suite 3.0 customization software.


Cochlear is proud to introduce the Nucleus CI512 cochlear implant, developed in close collaboration with surgeons around the world. The development also took into account the experience of people who use Cochlear’s Nucleus systems, which are seven out of nine implanted patients in the world.

One of the distinguishing features of the CI512 cochlear implant is the world’s thinnest design. The thickness of its body is only 3.9 mm, which is not achieved by any other manufacturer of cochlear implants! The new thin implant profile is ideal for patients of all ages, and especially for young children and older adults with thinner skin and bone. This achievement was made possible thanks to new engineering technology, which also made it possible to make the shape of the implant more streamlined to accurately follow the contours of the patient’s head. The use of a new alloy of titanium and platinum, as well as an improved manufacturing process, ensured the smoothness of the case, which is important to prevent the risk of biofilm formation and complications during and after the completion of the surgical operation.

The new CI512 implant is not only 40% thinner than the previous generation product.

The new CI512 is 2.5 times more durable than the most reliable Nucleus Freedom implant to date, according to a specialized mechanical strength test. This aspect will allow children and adults to lead a full-fledged active lifestyle without regard to any restrictions.

The Nucleus CI512 draws on over 25 years of experience in developing the world’s most reliable cochlear implants. Cochlear pioneered the first titanium, silicone, and platinum implant, and over five generations of experience has been applied to new devices, consistently improving implant reliability. Each new generation of Nucleus implants from Cochlear is more reliable than the previous one, and in terms of reliability of the Nucleus Freedom product, the company has left all analogues that exist today far behind.

In connection with the above, the manufacturer has every reason to believe that the new CI512 implant will be even more reliable than its predecessors. For the first time in production, impact testing ensures that the new implant meets the current proposed European quality standards, even though these standards will only become mandatory for cochlear implant manufacturers in a few years. All this guarantees the stability of the design of titanium implants in relation to the most severe operating conditions.

The third functional feature of the new CI512 cochlear implant is ultra-precise and high-quality transmission of sound signals to the auditory nerve fibers, which provides the best efficiency for users. This is possible thanks to the largest number of real active independent electrodes, perfectly matched length, shape and placement of electrodes, as well as power supply from a custom-designed microelectronic platform.

The design of the implant’s complex microchip is based on Cochlear’s many years of experience in this field.

The CI512 implants are packed with features and power reserves to take full advantage of future external sound processor upgrades. The custom-made CIC4 ASIC chip performs five million operations per second and can provide multiple pacing modes, including accurate sequential pacing with the ability to accurately create over 160 intermediate sensed (so-called virtual) channels.

Implant-assisted telemetry capabilities have been improved to quickly create high-quality patient alignment charts. The CI512 offers easy access to AutoNRT™, a state-of-the-art, highly accurate and user-friendly neural feedback telemetry system developed for Nucleus cochlear implants. AutoNRT is the ideal system for use in surgeries.